We can repair and refinish many types of NFA weapons, that is Machine Guns,
Suppressors and A.O.W.’s. Please e-mail or call for particulars and to see
if we can be of assistance. We have done work for individuals, corporations
museums and the U.S. Government

All NFA weapons MUST be properly registered. Any unregistered weapon sent to
us will promptly be turned over to BATF for destruction and probable
prosecution of sender.

All NFA weapons sent to us must be accompanied by a copy of your ATF
registration They must be sent prepaid and return shipping must be included.

All shop time is billed at $75.00 hour plus parts.

Any ammunition needed for
testing must accompany the weapon or new commercial ammunition will be used
and added to the final bill.

Due to the age of most NFA weapons and the age of replacement parts no
guarantee can be made as to the life expectancy of the parts or weapons.
All efforts will be made to see that the best possible parts are used in any
repair however no warranty is expressed or implied.

All accounts must be paid in full before weapon is returned.

Call 814-362-2642 or FAX 814-362-7356