FG 42 (First Model) Operator’s


Fallschurmjägergewehr 42 – Parachute Rifleman Gun 42 –

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Fallschurmjägergewehr 42 – Parachute Rifleman Gun 42 – There were two models of the FG-42, the first model and the second model, and other than the name they were two different guns. Even the magazines were different and not interchangeable. This First Model manual explains in detail the method of operation of this ingeniously designed select fire rifle. The numerous detailed pictures and line drawings let you easily understand how it fires from an open bolt on automatic and from a closed bolt in semi-auto, how the trigger group works, and much more. Very interesting reading about one of the rarest guns in the world. 79 pages with 37 illustrations. Please reference “FG42” on your order.

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