MG 3 / 3A1 Operator’s Manual


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Maschinengewehr MG 3 und MG 3A1 –  Machinegun MG 3 and MG 3A1.  The Bundswehr Manual from April 1971 with updates to 1975.  Paperback, 96 pages with operation and description of use, disassembly, maintenance, and sub-assemblies, with over 100 diagrams.   This is a translation of the original manual for the MG 3 and MG 3 A1 belt fed machine gun, as published and used by the German Armed Forces.  The A1 is the designation for the coaxial and remote mounted MG, mounted without the shoulder stock.  This explains the receiver and barrel markings, the proper use of the aircraft defense sight, and has 6 pages on the belt loader, as well as the usual disassembly/assembly text and pictures.  It has some duplication of the other manuals, but there are a lot of modern details that aren’t in the earlier translations.  It also shows the spring-loaded feed pin on the bolt and how to disassemble it.  This manual is the mate to the next two manuals below (Lafette and Optics). Please reference “MG3/3A1” on your order.

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