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ZDv 3/14 – Das Maschinengewehr MG3 – This is the most detailed and extensive manual available for the MG3, which is the direct descendant of the MG42. 204 pages, 8 pages with color diagrams showing the operation of the feed, bolt, and trigger assemblies, with many illustrations showing usage, proper carry technique, how the belt loader works, how to use the AA tripod, the ring mount and the air/ground mount for vehicles, the field lafette, how to conduct inspections, how to use the night vision and infra-red scopes, how to use the shell extractor tool for removing ruptured and stuck cases… you get the idea. See the table of contents for a full listing. This manual is 7/16″ thick, and is the most comprehensive manual available. Includes 3 fold-out pages. All graphics are copied from the original manual, and are as clear as the original (I bought the original to translate), which was in service and updated until 1990. An outstanding value, this manual also covers the MG3 plastic drum and clip-on belt box, the modern feed tray, the blank firing device and training cartridge device. All these accessories are available on the surplus market for this gun. The Germans left nothing to question about the MG 3 with this manual. Please reference “ZDv 3/14” on your order

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