MG-34 Operators Manual D 127/1

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MG-34 Operators Manual D 127/1

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MG-34 Operators Manual D 127/1

D 127/1 – Anleitung für die Bedienung und Verwendung des M.G.34 – Instruction for the Operation and Use of the M.G. 34. This is a 1936 dated manual for the MG-34. The double drum magazine for the MG34 was still in common use at this time, and a little information is included about it. This manual does show the bicycle mountings used for the MG and Lafette, as well as arrangements for carrying on motorcycles and how the horses are to be packed with equipment, and has lots of previously unseen pictures contained in 94 pages. Please reference “D 127/1” on your order.

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