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7.62 mm schweres Maschinengewehr PK, PKS, PKT and PKB Instandsetzung -7.62 mm heavy Machinegun PK, PKS, PKT and PKB Repair.  This is a 164 page translation of an East German manual for the PK series of  belt fed machineguns.  The first 55 pages contain text and tables explaining the PK machinegun and its inspection, troubleshooting, and repair, but the exceptional part of this manual is the section of detailed drawings with specifications of the internal parts.  Everything is in there, right down to the rivet, pin, and spring specifications, sear height, adjusting the belt feed, and a whole lot more, with 221 drawings of the parts with dimensions and tolerances needed to properly repair this classic Kalashnikov-designed communist bloc MG which can be found in service world wide.  One fold-out page at the rear of the book is a 16″ view of the MG with parts listed, the other is a 13″ view of the PK ground mount.  This manual contains all the text and graphics of the original A 050/1/545 East German maintenance manual. Please reference “PK Armorer” on your order.

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