RPD Armorers Repair Manual – English


RPD Armorers Repair Manual – English

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RPD Armorers Repair Manual (English)

DV 40/12 Instandsetzungsvorschrift für das 7.62 leichte Maschinengewehr D – Repair Manual for the 7.62 light Machinegun D (RPD). The East German RPD repair (armorer’s) manual: 100 pages, dated 1960 with 130 illustrations for the examination, diagnosis, and repair of this light machinegun. As is typical with the East German repair manuals, there are lots of dimensions on the drawings of the individual parts, even listing the type of steel and Rockwell hardness, rivet and spring dimensions with charts for hardening temperatures, and how to make many of the small parts (including springs) when they’re not available from the warehouse. Lots of serious details are in this Armorer’s repair manual. English. Please reference “RPD Repair” on your order.

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